Founded in 1985

Tom Perry founded Permul Ltd. in 1985 when he secured the distribution rights for the Japanese brand of ice makers, Hoshizaki.

They were just entering the North American market and took the industry by storm. Today, Permul represents over a dozen hospitality food equipment brands, distributing products such as ice makers, heavy and medium duty cooking equipment, combi ovens, microwaves, refrigeration, rice cookers, water filtration, water faucets, gas hoses, food preparation commercial appliances and even marine-grade cooking equipment … simply put, everything a professional kitchen requires.

Permul’s distribution centres in mississauga, Ont. and delta, B.C. provide the backbone to the company’s network of over 100 dealers nationwide, and a service network of over 200 repair service companies coast to coast, processing over 900 equipment orders per month.

“We grew the company ‘by requirement’, so to speak,” says Stephanie Perry, President. “In the distribution business, when a distributor does not
have employees outside its general area, we employ independent sales agents. That’s what we did, and we now have people from B.C. to Newfoundland representing the brands on our behalf,” explains Perry.

Despite its long and deep reach in the Canadian market, Permul remains a family business. The company strives to serve as a trusted partner to customers, dealers and brands alike, offering over 30 years of professional service experience, and long-standing industry relationships.

A business can only be as good as its relationships. “Our business is built on the traditional value of good relationships, and the only way to have good relationships is to build trust. We don’t just sell product, we work with and through our dealer partners by bringing them leads and opportunities, providing training and striving to have a complete and complimentary line-up of the best manufacturers to simplify their job by acting as a one-stop-shop. We succeed by providing value over and above just a product.

“As a distributor, we are also responsible for managing service calls and warranty claims. Westock $300,000 worth of parts alone to support the equipment we have in the field. This allows us to provide our customers with a more holistic offering by providing sales and marketing as well as the aftermarket service attention of the equipment we sell,” explains Perry.

“Our business is built on the traditional value of good relationships, and the only way to have good relationships is to build trust.”

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