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In preparation for our booth at next week’s CR&B Show in Toronto, we asked ourselves which units in our portfolio would speak to the independent bar or restaurant owner in a more significant way than simply, “What’s new?”.

After the menus have been developed and tested, the décor and aesthetic have been mapped out, and the kitchen has been designed, you find yourself in business for a couple of years asking yourself how you can increase or expand on certain elements and even make investments into improving workplace safety. Adding menu items like pizza or wings, or introducing a water program are easier than ever to do these days, and we’re excited to show you how. 

We will be featuring ventless cooking capabilities, on-demand carbonation and a device that will have your bar team thanking you. Come by and see us and we’ll show you how what’s new will make you money.

Wells VCS2000


Wells 55″ Ventless Fryer with Auto-Lift

Wells Ventless Fryers are Certified Type-1 compliant, UL710B approved recirculation hood systems and feature completely self-contained air filtration and fire-suppression systems. They do not require venting outside making it possible to cook in nontraditional locations or when traditional Type-1 hoods and ductwork are impractical, restricted or too expensive. VCS models are integrated with hood and cooking equipment in one, ready to use package.


RPO3 Ventless Pizza Oven


Doyon Trio Ventless Oven MODEL: RPO3

This little pizza oven can bake fast and can do 3 pizzas at a time in just a few minutes. The rotating perforated nickel decks, coupled with the Jet Air reversing fan system are the perfect combination to bake pizzas evenly and produce a nice crust.  And even though they’re perfect for baking pizzas, they’re versatile enough to bake bread, rolls, cookies, pies, cakes, bagels, croissants, sourdough, ryes and even proteins.  Perfect for the chef who needs to cook a little of everything in a small space!

MOD Water


Hoshizaki’s MODwater is a powerful new way to provide hydration from a smaller footprint while being much more environmentally conscious.

Ditch wasteful plastic jugs and bottles! The real power is in the variety of choices – offering cold, hot, alkaline and even sparkling water.

New Generation of Vacuum Packing Machines with Printers


The SousVide 8 +


The Sammic Vegetable Prep Machine

The CR & B is always a fun and informative show for the latest trends in the Restaurant and Bar scene. We hope to see everyone there. If you can’t make please let us know if you’d like more information on any of the products we carry. 

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