Wells Heavy Duty Countertop Cooking Equipment (HD Series)

The HD Gas Charbroilers feature extra heavy-duty cast iron burners, cast-iron radiants and cast-iron top grates for high heat, consistent temperatures and quick recovery.   Spec Sheet

The HD Gas Griddles feature a 24” deep grilling surface and a heavy-duty 3/4” thick griddle plate for fast preheat, even heat distribution and quick recovery.  Spec Sheet

The HD Gas Hot Plates are available in 2, 4 or 6 burner models and feature robust, removable, 29” deep, cast-iron top grates.   Spec Sheet

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Carter-Hoffmann Heated Holding Cabinets (hotLOGIX9)

Carter-Hoffmann offers an extensive line of heated holding cabinets. The HL9 Series Heated Humidified Food Holding Cabinets are designed to keep cooked food fresh, warm, and ready for serving.

  • Constructed of insulated stainless steel
  • Feature a top-mounted heat and humidity system
  • Precision engineered ducts
    for even air flow throughout the cabinet
  • Dial controls for heat and humidity
  • Available in undercounter, half height, ¾ height and full height

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Doyon Spiral Mixers (AEF Series)

Doyon spiral mixers are ideal for large bread dough mixtures. They can handle anywhere from 3 to 286 lbs of dough (55 – 100% absorption ratio).

  • The unique design prevents dough from overheating for longer yeast viability and better gluten development
  • Easy to use digital controls with 2 speeds and 9 programmable speed/time settings; automatically switch from speed 1 to speed 2
  • Unique stainless steel bowl with high centre that eliminates dough feeder post and mixes more efficiently than models with sharp angled feeder post
  • Integrated bowl drain for easy cleaning
  • Features a belt-driven motor for better torque to handle dense dough mixtures
  • Safety features: wire guard for bowl with automatic motor cut-off switch


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