Sammic Salad Spinners

What sets Sammic salad spinners apart?

  • High speed setting of 900rpm offers incredible performance   Watch it spin
  • Stainless steel body and basket
  • Vibration Control System enables smooth operation to prevent wear and tear on the machine.  It also reduces noise in the kitchen
  • Up to 1,600 lbs/hr output
  • Compact design – It fits under a standard counter

SPEC SHEET (ES-100)     SPEC SHEET (ES-200)         BROCHURE            VIDEO

Lang Marine Equipment

Lang is a leader when it comes to manufacturing marine equipment. The equipment exteriors are built with 430 stainless steel to minimize corrosion from exposure to salt air.

Marine Ranges

  • Range sizes: 30”, 36”, 60”
  • Flanged, bolt-down legs
  • Latch mechanism for range doors
  • Locking tabs for drawers
  • Sea rail assembly for top cooking surfaces
  • Grab bar along range front rail

Marine Fryers

  • Full width grab bar
  • Flanged, bolt-down legs
  • Locking tab for door
  • Dual high-limit thermostat
  • Test switch under drop down door
  • Shunt wiring and terminal block for connection to vessel safety devices

Product Guide

Cooler Concepts

Cooler Concepts provides custom keg rack & shelving solutions to fit
the specific needs of your beverage operation. They are specialists when it comes to providing premium quality shelving solutions. These custom shelving solutions are designed to maximize the storage space, and improve the safety and organization of your walk-in beer coolers.

Durability: All steel construction, all welded joints. Unlike catalog shelving, these shleves are built to last and to withstand the weight of kegs being loaded onto them every week. No warranty claims in 28 years of doing business!
Adaptability: Built to fit the cooler’s space with fully customized shelving lengths and heights
Versatility: Five separate shelf depths to maximize the cooler’s space
Improved safety & organization: Eliminates clutter, allowing for ease-of-access which significantly lowers the risk of injury
Cost savings: By improving storage capacity you eliminate or reduce the need for a second cooler to expand storage capability

Cooler Concepts vs. Typical Catalog Shelving

Hoshizaki Specialty Ice

Elevate your bar menu and create upscale signature cocktails with Hoshizaki specialty ice. Not only will your beverages look great but they will taste great too. Hoshizaki specialty ice provides the perfect amount of chilling with minimal dilution which means your carefully crafted cocktails will not get watered down. 

Why Choose a Specialty Ice Machine?
Specialty ice machines are more efficient than ice molds and less expensive than using third party ice vendors.

Sphere Ice
Model: IM-50BAA-Q
The only machine on the market to make sphere ice
Produces up to 475 clear, clean 1.8″ diameter spheres per day
Small footprint – fits easily under a bar


1by1 CUBE
Models: IM-200BAC & IM-500SAB
Versatile enough for all beverages
Perfect for preparation & presentation
Available in two sizes – produce up to 188 and 489 lbs. of 1″×1″ cubes per day


2by2 CUBE
Model: IM-50BAA-LM
Cleaner and clearer than ice made with silicone molds
Produces up to 189 clear, solid 1.9″ x 1.9″ x 2.3″ cubes per day
Small footprint – fits easily under a bar