Carter-Hoffmann Modular Holding Cabinets

Expand your menu options with Carter-Hoffmann modular holding cabinets. Individually heated pan cavities provide an ideal environment and extend holding times while maintaining product quality and freshness.

  • Single-sided and pass-through models available
  • Easy to program with individually controlled zones
  • Self-contained food covers; easy-in, easy-out design
  • Compact modular design allows the units to fit into tight spaces
  • Countdown timers for each pan—up to 9 hours, 59 minutes per zone; programmable for up to six pre-set times per timer
  • Pass-through models have pan timers on both sides

MC Series modular holding cabinets are perfect for holding moisture-sensitive items such as hamburgers, chicken, vegetables, eggs, etc. Direct heat conduction on the bottom of each zone is ideal for gentle moist food holding.

MZ Series modular holding cabinets feature both top and bottom heat conduction. They offer flexible food holding for both moisture-sensitive and crispier foods, all in one cabinet.


Sammic Food Processors/Emulsifiers

Get perfectly pureed and emulsified food in seconds with Sammic’s food processors/emulsifiers. These units can be used for preparing food for dysphagia diets making them a popular choice for healthcare settings and long-term care homes. Equipped with features that aid facilities in adhering to the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) guidelines, they ensure safety and consistency in meal preparation.

What sets the Sammic units apart?

  • Precise Pulse: This feature is crucial for facilities that are following the IDDSI framework. These models allow for the creation of “recipes” specific to products, where operators can set the number of pulses used for each product type. This setting ensures the highest level of consistency.
  • Reverse Mixing: This feature allows operators to add a thickener to the product while preventing over-processing and ensuring consistency.
  • Sammic processors are well-suited for handling small to large batches in one machine. The mixer attachment and the placement of blades close to the bottom contribute to better results compared to the competition.


Cooler Concepts Keg Lifter

Simplifying Keg Storage

The Cooler Concepts keg lifter works with all shelving manufacturers and can quickly lift a keg up to a maximum of 45″ off the floor and easily place it onto the shelf. It is highly durable and features a small footprint with an 18″ turning radius, which is ideal for tight beer cooler aisles.

With two 4″ fixed wheels in the front and two 4″ swivel wheels (locking) in the rear, the lifter can easily pivot into position.