Doyon KDPR-11 Proofer/Retarder

The KDPR-11 is the workhorse of any baking operation. It uses even air flow to maintain the precise temperature and humidity required for optimal proofing. The oven can accommodate roll-in bakery racks for easy product transfer.

  • Proofs from room temp. up to 110°
  • Digital touchscreen control with programmable recipes
  • Automatic water fill system (no water pans required)
  • Modular design with easy locking mechanism for easy on-site assembly

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Gravity Slide Feature

(available on Sammic compact food processors)

The unique gravity slide system ejects the cut product without contact. It avoids the centrifugal force of the ejector disc and allows the product to slide along a ramp using gravity. This ensures that the quality of the cut product is maintained.

The gravity slide feature is ideal for cutting slices and reconstructing product for preservation or presentation.

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Star Holman has a wide variety of contact and conveyor toasters that are built to withstand the demands of the most rigorous foodservice operations.

CONVEYOR: The forced convection system keeps the toaster cool to the touch and extends the life of critical components. It also increases efficiency by circulating pre-heated air into the toasting chamber.
Star’s superior quartz infrared heaters provide faster and more consistent heating than traditional heating elements.
CONTACT: The SCT4000E is designed for speed and consistency. It can toast up to 1,800 buns per hour. The programmable electronic control ensures consistent results every time.

Drop-in Dry Food Wells

Wells drop-in waterless food wells are designed to efficiently hold heated food at safe serving temperatures without the use of water.

The waterless food wells are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-well models. Each dry well is designed to hold one standard full-size steam table pan up to six inches deep or equivalent fractional pans.

  • These models use tubular heating elements and a stainless steel fan
  • The modules use less energy translating to operational cost savings
  • Each well uses an individual control knob to allow independent control of each section (on multiple well units)

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Hoshizaki Back Bar Refrigeration

BB Series – Back Bar Refrigerators with Swing Door

CC Series – Bottle Coolers with Slide Top

DD Series – Direct Draw Refrigerators with Swing Door

The Back Bar series from Hoshizaki features SUPERIOR refrigeration performance, DURABLE construction, and the units are SIMPLE to operate and maintain.

The Back Bar models feature side mount refrigeration which distributes air from left to right. The side-to-side circular air flow ensures ice-cold products even when the doors are opened frequently.