Garden ChefRestaurant patron’s desire for healthier food options has increased dramatically, especially among younger customers.  While being “healthy” twenty years ago may have referred to simply exercising more or lower fat options, there is now a greater emphasis on fresh produce, how it is grown and ultimately how that food is distributed. Old marketing phrases, like “farm-to-fork” and the “100-mile diet,” are now the expectation of today’s customers, and they are willing to pay more to ensure their food meets these standards.

“While age often dictates a need for foods that contain certain health attributes, it is the youngest consumers who are most willing to back up their sentiments with their wallets,” said Susan Dunn, Nielsen’s Executive Vice President of Global Professional Services.

With this increased demand, innovative commercial equipment like Carter-Hoffman’s GardenChef growing cabinets allow Chefs to offer in-house grown microgreens, herbs, and garnishes. Microgreens are essentially the seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs and are packed with nutrients like vitamins, C, E, and K, lutein and beta-carotene, with almost 40 times the amount found in mature leaves of the same plants. Not only is the GardenChef a great way for Chefs to provide the freshest ingredients, but also to advertise to their guests that they are committed to offering local and healthy food.

Each GardenChef is equipped with a fully automated ecosystem that allows the operator to program lighting and watering and to monitor the water quality for the perfect growing environment. They are also an economical option to buying greens and help in food waste, by not having to discard purchased greens that have spoiled. The GardenChef can be in the kitchen or even placed front-of-the-house on their own or fit with millwork. Carter Hoffman has partnered with Permul Ltd. across Canada. For more information on the GradenChef, or to speak with someone please let us know.