By now, most have accepted that proper hydration is a large factor in maintaining good health. Dietitians of Canada states in its guidelines that men 19 years and older should have 3 L or 12 cups per day, and women should drink 2 L or 9 cups per day. That’s a lot of water! The challenge with this has been how that water was delivered, which in the past involved a lot of of plastic bottles, or paper cups. And by a lot, I mean enough that we now face rather serious environmental challenges in our oceans and landfills.

One solution to this problem has been for manufacturers to develop countertop systems that deliver filtered hot or cold water that can be consumed with reusable cups or bottles, thus reducing waste. Systems like these can be found in the lunch rooms of offices and other common work space areas, and they are straightforward and sufficient enough.

One company that has never been satisfied with something being sufficient enough is Hoshizaki America, Inc. With their trademark ingenuity and technological advancement they have taken the concept of the counter top water delivery system to new heights with their new MODwater dispensing units.


As the tag line states: MODwater offers more choice without the plastic. And it does. This system is unique because it dispenses four types of water from a very small footprint. So, whether your preference is chilled, hot, healthy alkaline water, or sparkling, they’ve got you covered.

The sparkling water is exceptional due to its tiny bubbles and patented in-line carbonation system. Unit’s with on demand carbonation and a high capacity water flow (75 L/hour) that are this compact in size are exceptional. The stainless-steel body and black polycarbonate button panel create a very slick and modern dispenser that would be a perfect for customers in the lobby of your business. The button height also complies with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) when placed on countertops of 33″ or less in height. MOD water comes as an almost complete kit, including (2) water filters, (1) alkaline chamber, (1) CO₂ regulator, (1) leak detector, hoses & connectors.

Now employees can help save the world, sip from a variety of waters including healthy alkaline or champagne like bubbles, all while catching up or gossiping around the water cooler. What a time to be alive!

For more information on MODwater please call or email Permul.