Over 5 Billion Pizzas are ordered around the globe each year!

Permul and our manufacturing partners are here for every one of them.

If you are in the pizza game, let’s talk about:

*Doyon mixers, sheeters, jet air ovens, artisanal ovens, or the ventless trio (Also talk to us about Middleby Pizza Solutions)

*Sammic’s line of veg prep machines – customize cuts and shredded cheese for all toppings, hand mixers for sauce, or vacuum sealers to make that sauce pop or prolong the life of your product.

*Hoshizaki’s Pizza Prep Tables (KI 2022 Award Winning!) or a series of refrigeration and freezers for storage.

*Panasonic’s SonicChef (NE-SCV2NAPR) High-Speed Oven uses 3 cooking technologies to cook a pizza FROM frozen in 90 Seconds!

*Carter-Hoffmann’s Pick-Up Cabinet (PUC) – a technology that merges online ordering, contactless pickup, and secure holding with integrated hardware, software, and support.

If you are thinking pizza, have customers that are thinking pizza, or consult on all things pizza, give Permul a call.

Have a chef-guided demo through some or all of the equipment!

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