Small, powerful, with customization

Imperial’s improved ProVection oven is a smaller profile unit that is just as powerful as larger convection ovens, but unlike generic ovens it can be customized to fit any restaurants specific cooking needs.

As restaurants are not serving the exact same food, it would stand to reason that one type of oven configuration would not fit all. For example, take a restaurant that specializes in baked goods and wants the option to bake different pastries or bread at the same time, they could stack three ProVection ovens on top of one another, thanks to the size of the units. Or, if they needed to mix and match what goes on top of the ProVection oven, they could go with open tops or griddle tops or even charbroilers to suit their needs. The ProVection allows for any configuration so that kitchens have equipment that is the most efficient for them, which makes it unique.

As Permul’s Corporate Chef, Lisa Lafond puts it, “There are a few things, as a chef that draw me to the Imperial ProVection oven. The first being the slick look and design. Its low profile allows me to keep a smaller footprint. I’ve worked in many open concept kitchens’ and without having to break the bank with expensive custom lines, I’m able to get a custom modular design that is built to last and stand the test of time. It also gives us chef’s the opportunity to design our kitchen, the way we want. In a specific way for specific uses. Its extremely functional and quite beautiful and can take a beating!” 

Watch as Imperial’s Steve Dunn discuss: