Indoor dining has returned but the demand for takeout & delivery remains strong and will most likely continue for the foreseeable future. With foodservice establishments now having to manage both indoor dining and the increased demand for takeout & delivery it’s important for them to have systems in place to help manage their operations. The PUC Smart Order Pickup Cabinets by Carter-Hoffmann provide a perfect solution to help businesses streamline their takeout business.

The customizable contactless pickup locker system can increase the efficiency of foodservice operations while providing clients with a safe and convenient takeout experience.

The system is complete with all of the technology for ordering online or from a mobile app. The PUC cabinets come with different features such as heated or ambient, and they can be configured for your operation.

Carter-Hoffmann has launched a brand-new website to showcase these amazing, automated units. Visit the site to see how the PUC system works and hear real-world accounts from users whose foodservice operations have been transformed thanks to this innovative pickup locker system.