Standardization in the kitchen can help to maintain the quality, flavour and appearance of food, and it also helps with profitability. Sammic has some great units that are built with technology which can help operators standardize processes in the kitchen.

Standardize Your Recipes with the Cutter Programs Function

The programs function on the Sammic Ultra Cutters-Emulsifiers is unique and it allows operators to obtain process standardization in the kitchen. The units come with 3 pre-set programs that can be adjusted for different speeds and times to always achieve the same results.

P1 is for products with dense texture, P2 is to obtain a smooth texture, and P3 is a pulse program which creates a chunky texture. Sammic’s ultra cutters-emulsifiers allow the operator to create up to 9 of their own programs. Operators can combine different steps, different speeds and different times to standardize their own recipes and always obtain the same results.


Standardize #ThePerfectCut with the Force Control System

The Force Control System is a feature on the Vegetable Preparation Machines that measures and displays the force being used by the operator.  In addition to displaying the force being applied, it also allows the user to program a sound and visual signal for a particular force. As a result, it’s possible to establish the perfect force necessary to obtain the highest quality cut for each product and to create a signal for this level of force.

Operators working with the machine know when they’ve reached the desired level of force for a product and can maintain the same force to obtain a uniform cutting quality. By standardizing the process, operators can obtain cutting that is high quality, uniform and waste-free.


Regeneration of Food Using Sous Vide

The Regeneration of food is a process that aims at maintaining food quality. It raises the natural temperature of blast chilled, frozen or quickly packaged food in a delicate way to preserve the quality of the food.

The regeneration of vacuum packed products that have been previously cooked and chilled has many advantages:

  • More organized food production
  • Less food waste
  • Greater menu flexibility
  • Increased food security
  • Improved quality of food