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Equipment Incentives for 2020

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There are numerous equipment incentive programs offered in Canada for restaurant and small business owners. Whether you are looking to replace an old dishwasher, or to upgrade to a more energy efficient unit there are incentives in place to help you transition. LINK

When to choose a Ventless Hood System

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Whether to install a ventless hood or a traditional hood, can be a challenging decision to make for a restaurant owner. While the thought of not having to pierce the membrane of the roof or bust through a brick wall in order to install a traditional system in your kitchen might seem like the less expensive option, the reality is that pricing for the ventless option is actually close to the traditional method. 

Learning from the best in Rome

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{% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='scriptV4', hide_playlist=True, viral_sharing=False, embed_button=False, width='1920', height='1080', player_id='18590089482', style='' %}   On the way to the HOST show, in Milan, Permul made a quick stop in Rome, in search of the authentic Roman culinary scene, from pasta to pastry. We were fortunate enough to connect with Mama Culinary Tours, Senior Project Manager, Sandro Saccoccio (seen with pizza below), who took us on a walking tour of Nuovo Mercato Esquilino, which is a local market with vendors from Africa, Asia, and Europe.