1) NEW – Pizza Prep Tables with Smart Technology
Recipient of the 2022 Kitchen Innovations Award, these models have been redesigned with value engineered technology that keeps products at ideal temperatures while requiring less labor and maintenance.
  • Night/day mode – when the lid is open, the set point drops to keep food cool in the rail. When the lid is closed, the set point returns to normal so food can stay in the rail overnight without freezing
  • One-piece pan rail design – protects the cabinet and is easy to clean
  • Dual controller with single refrigeration system – for separate temperature controls for both the rail and cabinet; adjustable for every operation
  • Optimal airflow in rail – back to front airflow through louvered ducts directs cold air around each pan
  • Removable air filter – for easy cleaning and better operation
Models are available now in 46-inch and 60-inch options. 67-inch and 93-inch sizes will be available soon.

2) Jackson DishStar ADA-SEER

The ADA-compliant DishStar ADA-SEER is a powerful undercounter that provides exceptional cleaning performance.


  • Ventless high temperature sanitizing dishwasher
  • ADA-compliant – Fits easily beneath 34″ counters
  • Cleans 24 racks per hour using just 0.60 gallons of water per rack
  • Steam Elimination
  • Energy Recovery
  • Operates on a single cold-water connection

3) NEW – WDDi-35 Wells Ventless Induction Downdraft Range 

This ventless range has 4 x CookTek induction burners and a down-draft vent.

  • LED light, cool white, for improved visibility
  • (4) 14″ induction cook tops (CookTek)
  • Completely self-contained air filtration system
  • Stainless steel construction for strength, durabliity, and ease of cleaning
  • Fits through a 36″ opening
  • Ventless Downdraft Range is moveable, making it ideal for leased properties


4) Sammic’s EXCLUSIVE Force Control System Guarantees a Uniform and High-Quality Cut

The Force Control system screen shows the force made by the motor at all times.The user therefore obtains the desired cut quality in each product and at all times, achieving an optimum and uniform cut without shrinkage.

  • No training needed – Visual and audible instructions guide ANYONE toward the perfect technique
  • Control food costs – Force Control takes the error out of the prep work
  • Consistent product
  • Protect the investment – Are other processors jamming up or not powerful enough?  Force control allows you to get the most out of your equipment by optimizing the processing system
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