On the way to the HOST show, in Milan, Permul made a quick stop in Rome, in search of the authentic Roman culinary scene, from pasta to pastry. We were fortunate enough to connect with Mama Culinary Tours, Senior Project Manager, Sandro Saccoccio (seen with pizza below), who took us on a walking tour of Nuovo Mercato Esquilino, which is a local market with vendors from Africa, Asia, and Europe.

After buying some local fruit (Frici di India a.k.a Prickly Pear in N.A) we then visited Regolie Pasticceria, where the shelves were bursting with heavenly, cream filled pastries and tarts. In fact just outside the door we met and chatted with a holy sister on her way to St. Marys to care for the sick, which gave #blessed a deeper meaning!

Then on to the main show, at the renowned Lo Scoglio Di Frisio Ristorante, which opened in 1928 and is still operated today by members of the same family. Inside the spacious restaurant, self described as a grotto thanks to the kitschy-under-the sea-décor, owner and chef Eugenio Rossi, showed Stephanie how to make two kinds of sauce -Amatriciana and Arrabiata – along with Tagliatelle from scratch.

Some interesting takeaways were that Arrabiata Sauce – spicy and intense – literally means in Italian: Angry. Garlic, should always begin in cold oil (quite different from much of what see on TV in North America) as it then cooks evenly. And, prepare yourself, real Italian chefs prefer the cheek of the pig, Guanciale, over bacon. 

All in all, it was a wonderful experience, that added to our appreciation of the equipment we sell in Canada.

Lo Scoglio Di Frisio Ristorante, has a seating capacity of 200 + which they serve from 8 burners, a combi and a pasta cooker. Molto bene!

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flour-egg-saltPizza w Sandro