Three things to consider when choosing the right commercial charbroiler?

1) The Burner Materials: 
There are two different burner types – cast iron burners and stainless steel burners. Cast iron are more economical and better at holding heat but they won’t last as long as stainless steel. Stainless steel burners won’t corrode or rust as quickly and they don’t require as much cleaning and maintenance as cast iron burners.

2) Output and Capacity
There are gas and electric models available. Depending on your needs and space in the kitchen there are countertop and floor models. The higher the BTU rating, the more heat the charbroiler will generate. In genreal, the lower the number of burners per square foot the higher the BTU rating.

3) Radiant Charbroilers vs. Lava Rock Charbroilers
During the cooking process, heat is distributed by radiant or by lava rock. Radiant charbroilers feature small pieces of metal above the burners that move heat upward toward the food being cooked. Benefits: less flare-ups and easier-to-clean.

Units that use lava rock have layers of porous briquettes that enable heat to be evenly distributed below the cooking surface. Lava rock charbroilers require more maintenance but the cooking process can add richer flavours to foods.


2by2 Cube – Dramatic Look for Cocktails and Straight Spirits

Ice maker model: IM-50BAA-LM

The IM-50BAA-LM is capable of producing approximately 50 lbs of individual square cubes. The square cube shape melts very slowly, chilling beverages with minimal dilution.


  • Cleaner and clearer than house-made ice with silicone molds
  • Cubes have superior chilling ability and beautiful appearance
  • Increase revenue per cocktail
  • Small footprint easily fits under a bar



Lead Free Water Connector Solutions

Dormont Hi-PSI® Flex water connectors provide long, trouble-free service life, and permit quick, safe connection of hot and cold water service lines to moveable/ castered and stationary food service equipment. Applications: Use with utility distribution systems, steam kettles, steamers, combi-ovens, ice machines and other foodservice equipment requiring water input.


  • Stainless steel corrugated hose with braid
  • 2 Way Quick Disconnect
  • Optional coating in grey antimicrobial PVC, with blue (cold) and red (hot) labels included



Sammic Food Processors – Gravity Assist Slide Feature

The fast speeds with which products are ejected from food processors is one of the main factors leading to damaged products. This damage occurs often with more delicate products like tomatoes. With the New Gravity Slide System featured on Sammic food processors products can be cut at a maximum speed without damage.

Watch this quick video showing how the Sammic food processor can cut at 1,000 RPM perfectly without damaging the product.