Hoshizaki Chef Bases

Optimize your kitchen efficiency with a Hoshizaki chef base featuring an extra-large top surface for cooking equipment plus high performance, cold storage drawers.

  • Built-in ceramic heat shield protects food from high heat
  • Made of heavy duty stainless steel
  • 90 degree side edges with marine edges on front and back for easy cleaning
  • All drawers hold 6” deep pans that are easy to lift out
  • Available in 36”–110” width options

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NU-VU Smokers

NU-VU smokers are equipped with circulating air technology for even heat and smoke distribution. They feature an autofill water connection that provides humidity and keeps products moist.

  • Temperature range up to 350°F
  • Hold temperature up to 250°F
  • Automatically switches to hold after the cooking cycle has ended
  • SMOKE6 – half-size meat smoker has five racks with a max. capacity of 150 lbs of meat
  • SMOKE13 – full-size meat smoker has thirteen racks with a max. capacity of 350 lbs of meat

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Carter-Hoffmann Cook & Hold Cabinets

Cook & Hold cabinets provide convection roasting at low temperatures which results in tender roasts that are naturally browned to perfection.

Features & Benefits:

-Air is gently circulated around the cabinet which allows the meat to caramelize and retain moisture

-Cook to time or product temperature (meat probe is included)

-Lower BTUs than a standard convection oven

-Lower installation costs: venting is not required in most areas

-Versatile: these cabinets are not just for roasts. With a maximum temperature of 325°F (160°C), a variety of items can be cooked, baked, or roasted in the cabinets.

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Sammic CK-48V Food Processor/Veg Prep Machine

This 2 in 1 unit features a high capacity vegetable cutter (1,300 lbs/hr) and a large cutter bowl (capacity of 8 litres).

  • Equipped with brushless technology: powerful and efficient motor maintains the torque across the range of speeds
  • Exclusive force control system: guarantees uniform and high quality results
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Wide range of discs and grids enables more than 70 different types of cuts
  • Can be programmed by time and pulse button
  • Reverse function – ideal for mixing products instead of cutting
  • Polycarbonate lid with built-in “cut&mix” scraper
  • Lateral product output: requires less room on the work surface and directs the product to avoiding splashing

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